Wearing denim the A.P.C. way

15th March 2017

This year, Parisian label A.P.C. is celebrating their 30th year in the industry. Season after season, they succeed in becoming more and more refined while staying true to their standards. Back in the days, the label became known for its raw denim and simple white shirts. After 30 yeaers, the clothes are still simple, practical and affordable and therein lies the strength of the label.

At Paris Fashion Week, A.P.C. presented us with simple silhouettes in blue and green and lots and lots of denim. Suzanne Koller styled the denim pieces in an unexpected way and created some great looks that inspired us immensely. We gathered the best looks for you.

There was a jumpsuit worn halfway, with the sleeves hanging down:
KIM_1182Mini skirts can be worn over a white shirt or trench:
KIM_1315 KIM_1022Wearing your denim jacket backwards looks instantly cool. At A.P.C., the jackets were tucked into jeans, like a shirt:
KIM_1392 Oversized jeans are still a thing. Here, they were combined with a thin leather belt to create a paper-bag waist. KIM_1355 Denim jackets were worn as a scarf, knotted in the back behind the shoulder blades, or a cape:
KIM_1117 KIM_1362The thin leather belt also served to create a slim waist:
KIM_1103 Jeans were partially tucked in leather boots, leaving the boots open for a nonchalant look:
KIM_1291All pictures: A.P.C.