Uniqlo Jeans. Technology meets Tradition.

7th March 2017

Over at Daily Dose of Denim, we have a weakness for Japanese denim, which is known for its premium construction and the artisanal craft needed to make it. Japanese denim is traditionally woven on an old loom to produce selvedge fabric and is known for using natural dye. It wasn’t until the global luxury denim market blew up back in the ’90s that brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci began to take notice, launched a Japanese denim line and the world fell in love with Japanese selvedge jeans.

Nowadays, there is still a gap between casual jeans and luxury denim, but luckily retailers like Uniqlo offer premium selvedge denim at very affordable prices. Their Uniqlo Jeans collection presents the best of both worlds.

For their Spring denim collection, we teamed up with Uniqlo, actress and model Lize Feryn and lifestyle blogger Yannick Somers to present you with the key denim styles for men and women. The campaign also runs in stores and on the Uniqlo website (here).

Picture 1
Slim fit boyfriend ankle length jeans: Uniqlo (here)
Shirt: Uniqlo (here)
Heels: Zara (old)

Pictures 2, 6 & 9
High rise smart shape jeans: Uniqlo (here)
Bomber: Uniqlo (here)
Tee: Uniqlo (here)

Pictures 4 & 8
Ultra stretch jeans: Uniqlo (here)
Tee: Uniqlo
Denim jacket: Uniqlo (here)
Sneakers: model’s own

Yannick is wearing:

Pictures 3, 5 & 6
Damaged slim fit jeans: Uniqlo (here)
Tee: Uniqlo (here)
Bomber: Uniqlo (here)
Sneakers: model’s own

Picture 7
Stretch selvedge slim fit jeans: Uniqlo (here)
Shirt: Uniqlo (here)
Slip ons: model’s own

All pictures by Rahvice
Hair & make-up by Evelien De Potter
Styling by Pony Productions
Production by Marianne Lenaerts

All pictures shot at Quatre20Cinq.